• Why Us

  • Our mission is to provide a venue for our customers to help them accelerate the growth of their computer network support. Cloud computing has been changing information technology recently and we want to take advantage of that and bring better integration services to our customers. We want to be able to create a venue for growth and superior ambition for visionary companies – companies that aim for the best, and we want to make sure they’ll achieve it through our help. We want to ride the network computing industry’s progress in full swing by remaining consistent with our services and providing growth in our network computing support services.

    Our business model will bring you from basic to complex network planning and design to an iterative process, encompassing topological design, network-synthesis, and network-realization, and is aimed at ensuring that a new telecommunications network or service meets the needs of your business. We can process and according to each new network or business model.

  • Better Coverage

    Businesses are continually scrutinizing IT budgets. Service quality and high-availability demands are at an all time high. The Internet has revolutionized how businesses operate, allowing us the ability to proactively monitor your critical devices and services and predict potential failures before they occur.
    24/7/365 Proactive Network Monitoring Never Sleeps. with field service dispatch

    - Monitor the critical health status of devices and line of business applications (SQL, EDI, API)
    - Remotely diagnoses problems before they occur with expert escallation processes
    - After hours IT support Maintenance of servers, routers and switches
    - Utilizing the latest in network monitoring technologies to better manage computer networks of all sizes
    - Minimize network and device downtime that causes lost productivity with disaster recovery service

  • A Wealth of Knowledge and Experience

    We bring businesses of all sizes 28+ years of experience in the Information Technology market working with Small-Medium Business (SMB). Whether your needs require – short or mid-term, temporary, or project-specific staffing support, we will work with you to make sure your staffing needs are met cost-effectively. In today's economy it doesn't make sense to keep a full-time IT employee on the payroll if your needs don't warrant it. We work successfully with existing IT Departments as additional resources when needed, or as a direct replacement when business needs dictate. In either case, the breadth of experience shared by our talented Helpdesk Tech Support Staff, Systems Administrators, Support Enginners, Systems Analyst or IT Programmers can benefit your Organization.

  • Service Plans

    Every business owner or manager wants a stable and reliable network, but getting there involves a more proactive approach of regular maintenance and monitoring. Whether it is our as Needed services, fixed price maintenance plans, custom maintenance plans or assisting your full time IT staff, COMP-Connection, Inc. right support for you with one plan that will cover a wealth of Managed Service Plan (MSP).

    - Business Plan - Per incident or hourly
    - MSP Corporate Plan - Fixed unlimited business hours with after hours network maintenance
    - MSP Enterprise Plan - Unilimited 24x7 Onsite/Offsite support plans for any size business
    - IT Consulting Plan - Custom Consulting Plan offered per incident or per project plan to inhance In-House IT.
    - Private Cloud Hosting - Custom Cloud Servers hosted by COMP-Connection, Inc.
    - Public Cloud Hosting - Custom Cloud Servers hosted by partners of COMP-Connection, Inc.
    - Hybrid Cloud Hosting - Customer Cloud servers hosted by in primise, private and public cloud services.