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  • COMP-Connection, Inc. relationships with its manufacture and distributors has become increasingly important in the total context of the organization this past few years. We have reduced and re-evaluated our product lines with manufactures, suppliers and distributors in order to build and develop long-term, mutually beneficial strategic partnerships.

    Let's briefly look at all the ways suppliers can impact your company.

    • Quality : Supplier components can positively or negatively affect the quality of your product. Higher quality increases customer satisfaction and decreases returns, which adds cash to your bottom line.
    • Timeliness : Their timely deliveries are crucial to how customers view reliability. A quick turnaround can become the key to  minimizing your inventory, which in turn translates to less risk of inventory obsolescence and lower cash needs.
    • Competitiveness : They can give you the one-up on your competition based on their pricing, quality, reliability, technological breakthroughs and knowledge of industry trends.
    • Innovation : Suppliers can make major contributions to new product development. Remember, they live their product more than you do; they're working to be on the cutting edge of innovation for their product. The good ones will understand your company, its industry and needs, and can help you tweak your new idea.
    • Finance : If you've proven to be a considerate, loyal and paying customer as we are here at COMP-Connection, Inc. We can then better tap into suppliers for additional financing as to better benifit our clients during growth mode--or if you run into a cash crunch suppliers will take the form of extended credit terms on new purchases, a loan, or an investment in relationship with COMP-Connection, Inc. as to better fulfill growth demand by our clients.