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    This is our slogan and this is what who we are and who we’ll always be. Information Technology has been thriving for quite some time now and it’s only fitting to take advantage of it. Headed by our founder-owners Rui and Tami Toste, COMP-Connection, Inc. has been one of the key players in the IT service industry. Through the combined decades of experience in the computer industry by our owners, the company has been rewarded with strong professionalism and excellent customer service.

    Established way back in 1990, COMP-Connection, Inc. focuses on four major areas of the industry and these are Network Services, Helpdesk Support, Cloud Hosting and Maintenance and IT Consulting and Programming. Throughout all these four areas, we are able to provide exceptional services particularly in tech and computer desktop support through our in-depth analysis on each of our client’s business needs most particularly for small business enterprises. We cater also to most medium-sized businesses for which we can provide services such as on the helpdesk and server maintenance activities. It has been this way since the beginning and we have found notable success because of the kinds of services that we provide as well as by listening carefully to our customers. Because of this, our clients’ real needs are met with no discrepancies of any kind. It’s also an important factor in why we have quite a number of repeating clients as we provide a consulting service that’s top notch and with a very friendly approach. It was our philosophy back when we were starting, it was the reason on why we have become of what we are today and it will always be.

    We want to inform everyone that managing a local area network should not resort to guessing. With us, making concrete decisions will be easier than it seems. We provide substantial claims for everyone’s needs and we can certainly back them up with no hassle at all. This is due to our long standing integrity that actually started more than two decades ago where a simple workgroup connectivity was established. It then quickly evolved into multivendor integration and eventually became the latest enterprise with regards to Internet and Intranet topologies.

    Our mission is to provide a venue for our customers to help them accelerate the growth of their network support. Cloud computing has been changing information technology recently and we want to take advantage of that and bring better services to our customers. We want to be able to create a venue for growth and superior ambition for visionary companies – companies that aim for the best, and we want to make sure they’ll achieve it through our help. We want to ride the network computing industry’s progress in full swing by remaining consistent with our services and providing growth in our network computing support services.

    We’re always open for collaborations for all small and medium-sized businesses most particularly in a wide range of IT solutions services. We always aim for the trust of our clients and build their confidence with us. Compromise is not an option; we only provide what you deserve and what you really need. Wherever you are, we are always there virtually anywhere, and our IT services will always be there for you.

  • Rui Toste

    President & CEO

  • Tami Toste

    Chief Financial Officer