• Kaseya Warns of Cyberattack

  • CCI Tech was alerted on Friday night by U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency of Ransomware attack on Kaseya

    Information technology company Kaseya sent out a warning of a “potential attack” on one of it’s tools which is used by IT to manage and monitor computers remotely. Kaseya urged customer to shut down there servers running Kaseya services. Researchers said cybercriminals were sending two different ransom notes on Friday — demanding $50,000 from smaller companies and $5 million from larger ones.

    It’s unfortunate that this ransomware attack that hit hours before the beginning of a holiday weekend which has already affected more than 200 businesses, researchers said. It was unclear late Friday how disruptive the attack might be on U.S. businesses. More than 40,000 organizations use Kaseya products, the company says, which includes VSA and other IT tools.

    CCI Tech does not use any of Kaseya’s software tools in it’s datacenters or at any of its customer sites. But it is absolutely the biggest non-nation state supply-chain cyberattack that we’ve ever seen and it’s probably the biggest ransomware attack we’ve seen, at least the biggest since WannaCry. Working in security is exhausting. Good luck to all of the responders working on Kaseya this weekend.

    If you suspect ransomware turn off your computer report incident to CCI Tech Support Team at (408)848-1137 emergency extension 2. Ransomware needs to be dealt with 24/7 tech support staff.

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